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From the exhilaration of take-off to the sweet sigh of touchdown, I am Landi Burns, your Exclusive Travel Advisor to the world’s finest and most exquisite destinations.

Renowned across the luxury travel sphere, I craft extraordinary personalized experiences tailored to each of my client’s unique and personal preferences.

If you can dream it, then I will turn it into reality!

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Let’s create your own luxurious travel story.
With an extensive global network and deep-rooted travel knowledge, I meticulously curate bespoke itineraries. Secure exclusive accommodations, arrange private transfers, craft immersive experiences, and provide access to the most coveted VIP perks, ensuring every detail is meticulously taken care of from our first call to arriving home.

Embark on a journey of unprecedented luxury with me. I create moments that are not just unforgettable but the ones that you’d relive in a heartbeat. Whether it’s soaring over the majestic Serengeti in a hot air balloon, experiencing the unmatched privilege of being the first to push open the doors of the Sistine Chapel in the early morning or luxuriating in the pristine, crystal-clear waters of Fiji’s Blue Lagoon, I am your exclusive and VIP advisor in this extraordinary realm of luxury travel.

Every itinerary I present is unique, personalized, and crafted with a touch of love and a dash of magic.

I don’t just plan trips; I design experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
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  • You really listened to what we wanted even when we really didn’t know what we were asking of you.


  • Within a week, Landi provided her recommendation on an an itinerary as well as options. From there, everything was seamlessly taken care of, lodging, flights, travel insurance, health advice and packing list! Landi provided her WhatsApp info and once on the road, she tracked that all arrangements were on track both travel and lodging. 
    We got so used to the pampering by Landi and the staff of places she arranged, we didn’t spend a minute on anything but enjoying our trip. 
    Thank you Landi!


  • From start to finish with a change in the middle, Landi was prompt, delightful to work with, and focused on all the details. She knows what my husband and I like and came up with the perfect weekend getaway to fill the gap before our next big vacation she has planned for us. I love to vacation, but don’t like figuring out the details and with Landi, you can put your trust in her and forget about the rest


  • We have used Landi before and will continue to use her in the future. Every detail of our once-in-a-lifetime trip was perfect and exceeded our expectations. Landi is very thorough and responsive. She is one of a kind!



Embarking on a journey to find travel inspiration is akin to wandering through a captivating labyrinth of possibilities. It's a quest that invites exploration beyond the boundaries of routine, a deliberate pursuit of the extraordinary. 
26 April 2024
Botswana: Where Safari Dreams Come True

Botswana is a land of breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unforgettable safari experiences. Let’s embark on a virtual journey through the heart of this remarkable country. 1. The Okavango Delta: A Water Wonderland The Okavango Delta, often called the “Jewel of the Kalahari,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most sought-after […]

18 April 2024
11 Best Foods to Try in Turkey

Turkish food is influenced by many areas of the world including Central Asia, Balkan, and Caucasian cuisines.  The delicious foods from Turkey will make your trip worthwhile, so make sure you arrive with an empty stomach and a mindset to try new things.  Here are the top 11 foods in Turkey that you can't miss […]

11 April 2024
Experiencing the Timeless Charm of Florence

Florence, a quintessential Italian city, stands as a beacon of culture, history, cuisine, and architecture, offering visitors an unparalleled glimpse into the heart and soul of Italy. As the capital of Tuscany, Florence has long been at the forefront of Italy's history, shaping its past and present with its rich heritage. This charming city, entirely […]

04 April 2024
15 Tokyo's top attractions. 

Tokyo is one of the most alluring places on this planet. The high energy of the city and its attractions are enough to add Tokyo to your bucket list.  So when you finally take action to visit the capital of Japan, make sure you have an itinerary so you can visit as many of the […]

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Featured Journey: Brazil

Uncover the Hidden Wonders of Brazil: A Spellbinding 13-Day Voyage.

Dare to join me on an exceptional voyage into the very soul of Brazil, delving deep into the enigmatic Amazon Rainforest, the pulsating heartbeat of the Pantanal’s vibrant wildlife, and the awe-inspiring power of the majestic Iguassu Falls. I’ve handcrafted a 13-day luxury itinerary designed to ignite your imagination, push boundaries, and create memories etched in eternity.

Your journey begins in the heart of Manaus, where history whispers tales from the past. Settle into the luxurious Hotel Villa Amazonia, a stunning manifestation of Amazonian antiquity elegantly fused with the comforts of modern sophistication.  Here, tantalize your palate with a fusion of international and exotic Amazonian cuisine at the Fitz Carraldo Bistro.  Read more...

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Featured Journey: Guatemala and Belize

Journey Into the Lush Lands: An Exclusive 7-Day Luxury Adventure Through Guatemala and Belize

Embark on a luxurious 7-day journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Guatemala and Belize. Experience the rich history of ancient civilizations, savor local culinary arts, explore mysterious caves, and indulge in pristine natural beauty. Your bespoke itinerary is designed to provide an immersive, extraordinary, and truly unforgettable journey.

With my end-to-end planning services, you’ll experience a seamless and stress-free journey as we weave through the lush landscapes of Guatemala and Belize. Every detail, from arranging luxury accommodations and private flights to travel insurance and packing advice, has been meticulously taken care of. 

Plus, you’ll have my support around the clock, ensuring your trip remains smooth and worry-free. This is not just a pilgrimage but an immersive experience crafted from the comfort of your doorstep to the vibrant jungles of Central America and back home again.  Read more...

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Featured Journey: Safari: Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Linyanti Concession, Kwedi Concession, Moremi Game Reserve, and Cape Town

Journey of Luxury: From African Wilds to Urban Chic

From private jet and helicopter rides to exclusive tours and experiences, this 14-day safari adventure in Victoria Falls, Linyanti Concession, Kwedi Concession, Moremi Game Reserve, and Cape Town promises an unrivaled luxury travel experience. The trip offers a perfect blend of adrenaline-filled adventure, serene nature escapes, cultural immersion, and gastronomic exploration, ensuring a journey that is as diverse as it is exclusive.  Read more...

This is the epitome of luxury travel. Are you ready for the extraordinary?


Let's create some memories

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