Let me confidently guide you into the heart of luxury travel, where each part of your trip is as effortless as it is exhilarating. A quick chat to grasp your travel preferences is all it takes for me to wave my wand and start crafting your perfect itinerary.

As an excellent listener with extremely high standards, I ensure that every detail of your trip is flawless, allowing you to simply relax and immerse yourself in the magnificence of your journey.

My VIP services extend beyond mere itinerary planning. With exclusive upgrades and privileged access to local concierge services at your fingertips, each moment of your journey is enhanced. My collaboration with destination guide experts guarantees insightful local knowledge, making every moment exclusive, personalized, and memorable.

Whether it’s a private sunrise breakfast overlooking the African plains, a mystical journey into the heart of Brazil’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, or the tranquil beauty of Mnemba Island, an exclusive island paradise off the North-East Coast of Zanzibar, I ensure that each client’s unique travel dreams become their most cherished memories.

Embrace a world of unforgettable travel experiences crafted meticulously just for you.

I invite you to Embark on a Journey Beyond the Ordinary, Dive into Exclusivity and Luxury with me.

  • Landi was a dream to work with, very responsive and patient, she exceeded our expectations in every facet. We will definitely use Landi's vast skills and services again.


  • Landi was an absolute pleasure to deal with.Her attention to detail and ability to find accommodations that fit our style was so valuable. She has such an extensive knowledge for travel throughout the world and knows the best locations and accommodations in virtually anywhere you can think of. I would highly recommend her… She will be planning at all of our vacations going forward!


  • We have loved Landi since the first time we met her.She does an amazing job capturing the essence for our trip and making it happen. She doesn't take no for an answer when trying to create your dream vacation. Her responsiveness is like no other out there. We will definitely be using Landi for future vacations.



Let's create some memories

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