08 August 2023

Journey Into the Lush Lands

An Exclusive 7-Day Luxury Adventure Through Guatemala and Belize

Embark on a luxurious 7-day journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Guatemala and Belize. Experience the rich history of ancient civilizations, savor local culinary arts, explore mysterious caves, and indulge in pristine natural beauty. Your bespoke itinerary is designed to provide an immersive, extraordinary, and truly unforgettable journey.

With my end-to-end planning services, you’ll experience a seamless and stress-free journey as we weave through the lush landscapes of Guatemala and Belize. Every detail, from arranging luxury accommodations and private flights to travel insurance and packing advice, has been meticulously taken care of. 

Plus, you’ll have my support around the clock, ensuring your trip remains smooth and worry-free. This is not just a pilgrimage but an immersive experience crafted from the comfort of your doorstep to the vibrant jungles of Central America and back home again.

Welcome to Guatemala City

Upon arrival at Guatemala City Airport, your adventure begins. You’ll be transferred to the exquisite Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel, where you will settle into your private bungalow suite. Nestled between a serene lagoon and the lush surrounding forest, the hotel provides a tranquil retreat to start your journey.

The Ancient Majesty of Tikal

Prepare for an awe-inspiring private tour of the legendary Tikal ruins. Discover the secrets of this ancient Mayan ceremonial center, surrounded by the verdant Guatemalan jungle. Marvel at the grandeur of the temples and immerse yourself in the rich history that permeates this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Journey to Belize

Cross the border into Belize and visit a local village, where you’ll learn the art of breadnut cooking. Dive into the local culture and traditions before making your way to the luxurious Ka’ana Boutique Resort, your sanctuary within the Belizean jungle.

Cultural Immersion and Adventure in Belize

At the Ka’ana Boutique Resort, experience the height of personal service with your very own butler attending to your needs. Engage in a Mayan cooking class, explore the intriguing Barton Creek Cave, and marvel at the splendor of the Big Rock Falls. Each day promises a unique and enriching experience.

Journey Through Scenic Hummingbird Highway and the Coastal Delights of Placencia

Venture onto the scenic Hummingbird Highway, stopping for a refreshing dip in the azure waters of St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. Visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve before settling into your abode at Itz’ana Belize Resort & Residences.

Explore the Belize Barrier Reef and Monkey River

Snorkel in the mesmerizing Belize Barrier Reef, unwind on private island beaches, and embark on a boat exploration of the Monkey River, where you will encounter abundant wildlife. As your adventure draws to a close, immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the surroundings and capture the final memorable moments of your trip.

Farewell to the Lush Lands

Bid farewell to the enchanting beauty of Guatemala and Belize as you check out from the Itz’ana Belize Resort & Residences and prepare for your return journey.

This meticulously curated journey promises extraordinary encounters, insightful discoveries, and intimate immersion into Guatemala’s and Belize’s vibrant culture and natural wonders. 

So, are you ready to Turn Your Vision into a Dream Experience?

Your journey begins with me. Contact me to get started.

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